[Fix] audio format (Ac3) not supported in MX Player

Can you imagine about watching your favorite movie without audio, it was a worst situation right, yesterday I have such issue while playing one of mine favorite movie using MX player on moto phone. But It provides one error message audio format (Ac3) not supported.

Today we are going to discuss about this error message, what was the issue? Why such issue obtained and how to solve it? Before that lets start from the scratch

What is codec?

Codec is a compressor / decoder program that shrinks large volume of files. We use codec in media players for shrink the large music or video files and make them to play according to the system specification.

How to fix audio format (Ac3) not supported in MX player?

These types of errors are occurred due to the up gradation of MX player, it can be solved by pointing the default codec to the custom codec. MX player usually use their default codec for playing music and video files, due to new up gradation old codec is not sufficient to compress files .To solve this issue we need to download another codec / package aio.1.7.32.zip.

Download this aio.1.7.32.zip codec file to your phone, then open MX player.

• Go to MX player menu

• Settings

• Select Decoder

• Select Custom codec (listed at the bottom of the menu)

• Now you can able to see a screen as below for select the downloaded codec aio.1.7.32.zip file.

After pointing the codec, MX player will reloaded by prompting a message, now you can able to enjoy your favorite movie with audio!!!. 

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