How To Hide Your Files Inside A Photo Without Special Software

One interesting way to hide your files that you may not have thought of before, is hiding your files inside of a photo. While most people are fine with encryption, sometimes encryption either doesn’t do the job effectively enough (Sometimes), or if you want people to not even know that a file exists, is to hide you files within a photo. The best part about hiding files within photos is that there is almost no way for someone to tell if the photo has something inside of it without extracting it. Now, It may seem suspicious to someone if a photo is 2 GB because you have your Video Game inside of it, but normally with smaller file sizes, almost nobody can tell if the photo is abnormally large because photo sizes vary by a large range.

Now here is how you can hide your files yourself. Now I did make a small lie, you do need one piece of software, that being a software like 7 Zip or WinZip, but luckily most people already have this software.

Check this video:

  • Create a folder on your hard drive, i.e. C:\Secret and put in all the files that you want to hide into that folder. Also, place the image that you will be using to hide the files in.
  • Now select all the files that you want to hide, right-click on them, and choose the option to add them to a compressed ZIP or RAR file. Only select the files you want to hide, not the picture. Name it whatever you want, i,e.
  • Now you should have a folder that has a JPG image, and a compressed archive:
  • Click on Start, and then click on Run. Type in “CMD” without the quotes and press Enter. You should now see the command prompt window open. Type in “CD \” to get to the root directory. Then type CD and the directory name that you created, i.e. “CD Secret“.
  • Now type in the following line: “copy /b family.JPG + family.jpg” and press Enter. Do not use the quotes. And that is it!

Make sure that you type out the full name with the extension and it should work. You have now hidden your files within a photo. Now if you want to take the files out just right-click and click extract to get the files back. The best part is that while most people will be expecting encryption and other common data security tools, most people would never expect an innocent image to hold your data, hell you could even encrypt the zip file, then encrypt the image and add however much more security you need.

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