SWTOR: Galactic Starfighter : Tips and Tricks for the Flashfire/Sting

One of the first differences you will notice between the Flashfire/Sting and the your default scout is how much damage you can do, you may also notice that you are able to live slightly longer, but not travel as fast. The Flashfire/Sting variant is a cross between the strike fighter and the default scout, for some pilots the extra maneuverability allows them to gain the edge in a turn fight with their opponent.

Below is a good calculator for seeing everything that your ship has to offer. I would recommend going over it and deciding what components you will want considering that requisition is hard to get.


While your components may change, there is still some general tips that will let you get the most out of your flashfire/sting.

I) How to face a Gunship – The key to defeating a gunship in this variant is speed, you wont last long when a gunship starts focusing you so you need to get close and hit hard to defeat the gunship.

A) Before engaging any gunship beyond 3k make sure that you have enough engine power to at-least reach their position with boost, when you are ready, move your power to your weapons and boost towards the gunship until you pass it, be sure to shoot at it along the way. If you have blaster overcharge make sure to turn it on once you begin shooting. After passing the gunship maneuver back towards the gunship and finish it off.

B) If you have directional shield wait until you have a at least half boost then move your shields to the front and put all power to weapons. Begin the same strategy as outlined in A. Using directional shield is very useful since with it will take allot more shots for the gunship to kill you than without it. Just be careful that you don’t have any enemies behind you when you use it or else they could easily kill you.

C) In addition to the strategies outlined in A and B, make sure to use the rest of your components if applicable, if you have rocket launchers or concussion missiles be sure to use them, if you have sabotage probe use it so the gunship can’t get away, Use booster recharge to get engine power up faster, and use shield recharge to keep your hull from taking too much damage.

II) How to take out a another scout fighter – In this fight it will mostly come down to player skill, but you do have a large advantage in battles versus the novadrive/blackbolt, use your extra firepower to your advantage and don’t forget to use your components and power management.

A) Against other flashfires or stings it will mostly come down to who is the better pilot, still the best components to take them out is either sabotage probes to take away one of their main strengths, their maneuverability, and moving your directional shield to your back in a turning fight, this way they will have to get more shots on you to kill you.

B) If you have retro thrusters and you are in a turning battle with a scout, use your retro thrusters then hold ‘S’ to slow yourself down as you shoot at them in their confusion, usually this is enough to take them out or cause them to try to run.

C) If you are facing a novadrive/blackbolt keep in mind that they normally will have slightly better maneuverability , the best way to take them out is to kill them in an attack run, or to use sabotage probe to eliminate their advantage over you, causing them to come to a stop.

III) Fighting a Strike Fighter – Against a strike fighter you have the advantage of being able to beat them in almost any turn fight. So your best bet is to try to get real close with them and avoid any head on attacks.

A) Turn Fighting – Whenever you are in a turn battle with a strike fighter be sure to hold ‘S’ to slow down your ship and reduce the amount of space you need to turn. Also, be sure to use the rest of your abilities where you see fit.

B) Approaching a Strike fighter head on is normally not the best course of action, but if you find yourself in this situation try to use your boost to pass the strike fighter and engage in a turn fight, you can also use Barrel roll to move towards the strike fighter quickly and evade any missiles.

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